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10 Couples Who Got Intimate In The Bigg Boss House

The house of Bigg Boss is more often than not on fire with all the ugly wars that take place in the premise. But the cute couples in the house also add to all the steam with their affectionate cuddles, hugs, kisses. . . you get the drift, right? Over the span of 9 seasons, the show has seen a few love birds getting a little extra cosy for the cameras.

Read all about them here!

1. Anupama Verma & Aryan Vaid

Aryan Khan, Anupama Chopra
Safe to call them trendsetters, I guess. Back in 2006, the TRPs sky rocketed owing to the sizzling chemistry between these former models.

2. Payal Rohatgi & Rahul Mahajan

Payal Rohatgi, Rahul Mahajan
They were already a couple before entering the Bigg Boss house. They grabbed viewers’ attention when they got a little too cosy in the pool.

3. Veena Malik & Ashmit Patel

Zero f**ks given about cameras, this oh-so-in-love duo did not care two hoots before cosying up anywhere and everywhere in the house. From massages to snuggling together, Veena and Ashmit touched new levels of intimacy.


4. Sana Khan & Rajeev Paul

Sana Khan, Rajeev Paul
Rajeev Paul entered the house with his then wife, Delnaaz Irani and yet, he was seen getting intimate with Sana Khan. The couch-kissing was the highlight of their romance.

5. Gauahar Khan & Kushal Tandon

This couple was genuinely cute and I still find myself wishing they bury their differences and come back together. While in the house, Gauahar and Kushal had a lot of private moments and were often seen hugging, kissing and just, being in love!

6. Tanisha & Armaan Kohli

Armaan Kohli and Tanisha
This affair turned out to be quite scandalous, so much so that Salman Khan had to intervene and warn them on national television. There were reports that the duo were allegedly caught naked on camera, the footage of which was obviously edited out! There was even a video of Armaan asking Tanisha for sexual favours doing the rounds.

7. Karishma Tanna & Upen Patel

Another favouriteeee couple, UpMa, fervently hoping they get over their differences and go back to being in love. Upen was such a smooth charmer, no wonder Karishma relented and the rest, as they say, is history. After a round of flirting, the couple was quite open about their relationship and even locked lips in the house.

8. Diandra Soares & Gautam Gulati

Gautam Gulati, Diandra Soares
As unexpected as it was, this rather bold affair got over quite soon with Gautam pretending to be ignorant about it. Broke my heart! But while they were in full swing, they went inside the bathroom to have some private time and even kissed in full view of the cameras

9. Kishwer Merchant & Suyyash Rai

Kishwer Merchant, Suyyash Rai
The ninth season got bolder than ever with two couples entering the house. Sparks were bound to fly. Suyyash and Kishwer were often spotted getting cozy inside a blanket.
PDA level: Legit!

10. Rochelle Rao & Keith Sequeira

Bigg Boss Double Trouble
The second couple in the ninth season was Keith-Rochelle who gave us no dearth of entertainment with their hotness quotient. They were also often seen kissing and getting intimate after the lights went off.
Bigg Boss Double Trouble

credits : missmalini
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